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Born Cincinnati, OH raised Westside ATL

While living in Ohio as a child, my uncle Anthony Brookins was my barber and inspiration. At age 12, he inspired me to cut hair. There was one problem; no one was willing to trust me to cut their hair. So, my first client was myself. My stepfather liked what he saw, and so did his friends and mine. I charged them $2.00 per cut, and continued cutting hair after my family moved to the westisde of Atlanta in 1992.

After arriving there, I cut hair throughout my middle school years;  in the Bankhead and Allen Temple Projects. The death of my father and a close call with a bullet in the same month changed my life and strengthened my determination to hustle even more. After graduating high school in 1997, I went to work at a barber shop for the very first time. Not yet able to see my potential as a professional barber, I left the business to pursue a career in graphic arts.

I earned a degree in Graphic Design and was laid off not long after getting my first job in that field. After that experience, I decided I would no longer allow my destiny to be controlled by others. It was the best career move I could have ever made. While working at Alpha Design Barbershop, I met two barbers who have had a huge impact on my life; Mr. Taper and Vinny Barberino. They helped me perfect my craft and understand the barber game.

In 2003, I began working at Natural Blend Barbershop as an apprentice and acquired my license two years later. I bought the shop in 2007, and re-named it True Skills Barbershop. Throughout my journey I have learned that “only the strong survive.” My ultimate goal is to inspire youth, and communicate to them that anything is truly possible when you stay focused and keep faith. Do not allow others to choose your destiny! Call or text me for appointments at (678) 457-3229.

L.A. Shop Manager    



Hometown: Inglewood, CA; City of Champions!

I started cutting hair for family and friends on the front porch. Later, I brought my gift to Atlanta and made it my profession in 1996. I specialize in temple fades, Afros, Mohawks and box cuts. My motto is; “If it can be done, it’s done by me.” Call or text me for appointments at (678) 497-8700.


Hometown: Marietta, GA

“ My specialties are bald, shadow and temple taper fades. For an appointment, call or text me at 678 373-7483


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Hometown: Imo State, Nigeria

I started cutting hair at age 13, and have been doing it professionally for 9 years. I completed my apprenticeship here at True Skills, when it was Natural Blend Barbershop. My specialties are designs, fades, all evens, skin and bald fades. A strong commitment to networking and word of mouth advertising has driven my success. Reach me @ 404-250-2779

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